Making sense of things while having fun

discovery alignment coaching

Aligning Through Play: A Self-Discovery Experience

Together, we’ll embark on a journey to explore and uncover what you really want & how to live in alignment with that vision every day. Re-connect with your own inner guru and live life from a place of ease instead of burden. Learn how to hear and trust yourself instead of needing to poll for what others think (even when you don’t know the answer). Then learn how to continuously upgrade & re-align as you tap into the delicious mentorship of your own explorations. This is what it means to Align through “Play.”

Badass Body Boss (w/Coach Viva)

Achieving your dream body is often about doing less, not more. We coach and teach you how to lose weight sustainably via our data-driven 3-Pillars approach that takes into account your personal bottlenecks, conditioned beliefs, current stage of your journey, and actual week-over-week outcomes.