How To Practice Reading In A Foreign Language | Readlang Review & Tutorial

Here’s an in-depth tutorial of my favorite reading tool for reading in a foreign language. I’ll cover strategies for improving reading in a foreign language as well.

It’s all about practicing a language through reading & “chunking” today, a method I came across while reading Effortless Conversations that helped me minimize translating in my head.

I’m also going to show you how to use this tool in a variety of ways not just with web content, but how to import your own kindle ebooks as well.

This video’s long, so here’s a breakdown:
• 1:01 – Why language chunks?
• 3:31 – Intensive vs extensive reading
• 6:18 – Readlang overview (my favorite reading tool!)
• 9:24 – How to use Readlang for Speaking practice
• 10:28 – How to find and use web texts
• 11:00 – How to use Readlang for Listening practice
• 13:10 – How to convert Kindle books to EPUB (for importing into Reading)


Stuff mentioned in the video:
Effortless Conversations Book
Readlang Web Reader
Spanish Immersion Homepage
How to remove DRM from AZW on Kindle

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