Toning vs Building Muscle » How To Tone & What To Expect

Okay, let’s talk “toning” and what in the world does that even mean.

When I was trying to lose fat, I always knew I wanted to get that “toned” look without getting too “bulky,” but if you were to ask me to explain what that means, I really couldn’t in words.

But I could point to a picture and show you examples.

After having coached over 50 clients now, I have a much better idea of what people mean when they say they want to tone.

Richa and I get a lot of clients that say “I don’t want to build muscle, but I want to tone. What should I do?”

You’ve probably seen magazines say stuff like lift light weights for a ton of reps or do some hip-new magical exercise you’ve never heard of before.

So who’s got it right? Why all the confusion? What should you actually do?

So we made a video on it.

By the end of this episode, you’ll know what the difference is between toning vs just building muscle, what to do to get the “toned” look, and why most other fitness articles and blogs get this wrong.

We look at :
• Toning vs Muscle Building
• How To Train
• How To Eat
• How To Maintain

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