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The Art of Rapid Disambiguation

Technology is exploding, and we are scrambling just to keep pace. When you’re constantly in a state of “emergency learning,” how do you confidently pick up new technologies and learn on the spot in what appears to be a never-ending, ambiguous space? Discover the minimum effective dose for learning, precision questioning, and other productivity hacks to strategically disambiguate any problem, unblock progress, and just plain learn things quickly.

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What Everyone Thinks

Upon request, this Alexa skill dutifully consults Google Autocomplete to tell you what everyone thinks about something. Written in Node.js [Source].

Disclaimer: The responses from this skill do not actually represent the views of “everyone.”

Cat Pictures Bot

A chatbot that shows you random cat pictures, now supported on Messenger, Slack, Skype, and Microsoft Teams! Written in Node.js [Source].

Twitter Bots
Lucy Liang Twitter Bots

I led an introductory Twitter bot workshop with Jenna Goddard for the 2016 Chick Tech Seattle High School Tech Show.

Check out the complete Introductory Twitter Bot Workshop outline & tutorial to learn how to build your own!

Here are some of my personal Twitter bots. 🙂
Here are some of my personal Twitter bots.

And here are some of ChickTechSea’s bots created as part of the workshop!
And here are some of ChickTechSea’s bots created as part of the workshop!

Route Finder
lucyliang route finder

RouteFinder is a Seattle Geek Girl Code Carrots project. It’s a web app that helps road trippers find points of interest along their route. I mentored the team of amazing ladies that worked on this. We even got a mention in GeekWire! :]


The Tiny Cheese Maker

Have you ever said “I wish I could have a tiny amount of goat cheese in about 20 minutes”? Well have we got a project for you! This was a 2015 hackathon project done with some awesome friends!

Despite this being the first time we had any experience with hardware, we somehow won a category. 😀

Digital Slideshow Photo Frame

This Raspberry Pi + Kodi powered digital photo frame was my first attempt at tackling anything hardware-related as a gift for my family for Christmas 2014. I primarily followed this nifty tutorial from Instructables. For the LCD screen, I used Adafruit’s HDMI 4 Pi – 10.1″ Display. To give my folks an easy way to add new photos to the slideshow, I created a shared DropBox account and used the Dbmc add-on to support DropBox on Kodi.