How We Got To 100 YouTube Subscribers

My co-founder Richa Prasad published this article in Indie Hackers back in July documenting our learnings around building our very first YouTube channel.

“I know it’s not a huge number but I am proud of myself and my co-founder, @lucygliang, for having produced consistently 3 videos a week – we are at 56 videos published with 104 subscribers as of today.

Some learnings in case they’re helpful to others / others have comments on what we could try:

Majority of our search traffic comes from people searching for product reviews, and then bleeds into other videos through suggested traffic.

I highly recommend looking for what [popular entity] people in your niche tend to search for. Like for entrepreneurship, books would be a thing.

TubeBuddy has been very helpful in directing us…”

Read the full article HERE. 🙂

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