How To Actually Speed Up Your Metabolism & What To Expect

Most articles on boosting your metabolism focus on the least important things.

A few weeks ago, a weight-loss client of ours sent us an article that touted a top 10 list of foods to eat to raise metabolism and asked me what we thought of it.

Our reaction was “yeah, this would help, but it’s peanuts compared to the other habits you could spend time developing to raise your metabolism“.

We started searching for an article that talks to how our bodies are wired to burn energy, and correspondingly a prioritized list of most to least needle-moving habits that take advantage of that wiring, but all we found were random top 10 lists.

This made no sense!

It’s like focusing 90% of your time on learning how to rewire the strings of your guitar and 10% on how to play it.

Is knowing how to rewire the strings helpful? Yes. Will it get you faster to play a song? No.

So we created a video that gives you a prioritized list of needle-moving habits for having the best metabolism.

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