Making sense of things while having fun

Have you ever achieved what you wanted but still didn’t feel happy or wondered to yourself “It shouldn’t be this hard?”

If you’re a high-achiever like me, work and other people always seem to take priority over yourself. You may get what you want but success often leaves you more exhausted than when you started.

And if you’ve ever been a people-pleaser like I used to be (even if it’s hard to admit it), it often feels impossible to figure out what you really want vs what others want for you in the first place.

What if I told you that it’s possible to both achieve more, deepen your connections to others, and prioritize yourself all at the same time?

When you get clear on what you really desire and start operating in alignment with that true desire:

  • You trust yourself with ease & peace. You stop second-guessing decisions. You stop feeling the urge to poll everyone and read everything to know what to do.
  • You effortlessly get better at what you do. Your work feels easier.
  • The right opportunities (e.g., job, relationship, ideas) adapt themselves to you, not the other way around.
  • And the wrong ones filter themselves out.
  • You artfully converse and manage your inner voices rather than feel overwhlemed or conflicted by them.
  • You spend less time trapped in your head and more time soaking in what’s right in front of you.
  • You are in “creative conversation” with life rather than it feeling like a power struggle. It feels fun. It feels like play!

Most people think that figuring out what you want is a one-time, make-or-break thing that requires a ton of soul-searching and inner work. They get stuck because they’re afraid to take action on something unless they’ve figured it all out completely.

Often, this fear is warranted due to previously obtaining what they thought they wanted and then not being happy with the outcome anyway. That makes you lose trust in yourself.

But what if it can be an iterative process that can actually strengthen your self-confidence (and be fun)?

How It Works

Playing is all about engaging and exploring. Therefore, we practice the following:

Engage & explore: Converse with the world and people around you while listening to yourself in order to …

Reveal: Uncover what lights you up in all areas of your life, so you can …

Align: Live in sync with crystal clear vision every day, which magnetizes the right-fit things to you and repel the wrong-fit things.

Essentially, figuring out what you truly want in any area of life (e.g., work, relationships, health) by letting your experiences “tell” you, then actually becoming the person who naturally attracts that.

First, we map out where you are and where you think you want to go.

Next, take a few steps in that direction.

Then, listen to the feedback from your experiences & environment.

Finally, re-align towards where to go next.

When you learn to listen to feedback, you’re not just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. You’re exploring and moving forward at the same time!

It’s a co-creative experience between you, the people in your life, and the world around you – you’re never truly “alone” and you’re always getting support in the form of feedback. You always have “friends” on your playground.

When you learn how to fully embody this practice, self-discovery becomes a journey that gets to be fun & easy. You don’t have to wait until the destination (spoiler alert: it’s often an illusion) to feel fulfilled.

Together, we’ll embark on this journey to explore and discover your personal vision in different areas of your life & practice living in alignment with that vision every day.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Re-connect with your own inner guru and live life from a place of ease instead of burden.
  • Fear and trust your own wisdom instead of needing to poll for what others think (even when you don’t know the answer).
  • Intuitively upgrade & re-align as you tap into the delicious mentorship of your own experiences.
  • Allow more fun & ease into your life.

This is what it means to align through play.

If this speaks to you…

Kind Words

All of Lucy’s questions really make me rethink my journey in the past few years. I feel like I was able to reconnect with the part of myself that I’ve been wanting to reconnect with for weeks. I feel lighter now.

Angie Wang

Lucy is that amazing friend who uplifts you daily, reminds you of your strengths and qualities and past victories to strengthen your sense of self in challenges, helping you zoom out to see the bigger picture. She is such a great listener, I always feel really heard and understood and she sets quality questions in midst of it all too, to help me bring clarity.

Marija Rumenović

Lucy was able to take several of my seemingly scattered desires and crystalize it in a way that was simple to understand. Through her mindset lessons and helping me set realistic expectations, I was able to make small changes towards my goals that compounded into huge shifts.

I didn’t know it was possible, through simple logic and repetitive action, to upgrade the tone and substance of my self-talk. That’s been super-helpful and freeing. And of course she was there to provide hope and encouragement during the inevitable emotional ups and downs that go along with taking those darn babysteps!

Looking back at how I acted and felt (desperate and hopeless, really beaten down) at the beginning of the program about my nutrition, I feel like a different person now. I can’t for the life of me imagine what the big deal was, lol – only a lifetime of being trapped between a rock and a hard place. It was such a sharp contrast to how pleased I was about so many other areas of my life – ouch!

I had tried  so many eating plans, a nutritionist and psychotherapy and put in a lot of effort, but still felt like I had only freed one arm from the trap. Lucy showed me that all those efforts could be tweaked just a little and used as a foundation for success instead of proof of my ultimate hopelessness. Wow, I have learned a lot!

Thanks Lucy, for creating your program and holding up the light I could follow home to myself!