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The Art of Rapid Disambiguation

I gave my first talk at Seattle’s Code Writers Workshop this past Friday titled The Art of Rapid Disambiguation, i.e., how to learn and do unfamiliar shit while under time pressure. Here are the presentation materials. 🙂 Video Audio   Slides Summary: Technology is exploding, and we are scrambling just to keep pace. When you’re constantly […]


Totally checking out Grace Hopper Conference 2016!

Well, I decided to take the phantasmagorical dive off the deep end of my comfort zone and volunteer as a blogger for the 2016 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (Also, did you know “phantasmagorical” is a real word?). I’m excited. 🙂 And terrified! 🙁 Despite all the practiced positive self-talk I shower upon myself […]


Asking for help when you don’t even know what to ask

Five months ago, I embarked on a glorious adventure, the next step in my technical development with a new team at Microsoft. You could have almost seen the stars in my eyes as I daydreamed about what would surely be nonstop learning, rapid advancement, and the future of an all-star developer in the making. I would understand everything with confidence by […]