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How To Practice Reading In A Foreign Language | Readlang Review & Tutorial

Here’s an in-depth tutorial of my favorite reading tool for reading in a foreign language. I’ll cover strategies for improving reading in a foreign language as well. It’s all about practicing a language through reading & “chunking” today, a method I came across while reading Effortless Conversations that helped me minimize translating in my head. […]

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First Italki Skype Lesson | Learnings & What To Expect

Sharing clips from my Spanish conversation with an italki tutor, some takeaways from the experience, and learnings on what to do better next time. 1:21 is about when the conversation clips start. Also, because I didn’t capture any video footage (need to figure out what’s wrong w/my recorder), you’re going to see pictures of my […]

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An Honest First Look At My Spanish

This is my first video of me trying to have a conversation fully in Spanish.┬áMy boyfriend and I had no preparation whatsoever. As you can see, there is a lot of work to be done. Also, the last part of the video got cut out (oops!), but there wasn’t anything super interesting afterward anyway.

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