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Answers Between Walls

When I knew the answers

Was when I desperately searched for a second opinion

When I had an opinion

Was when I asked everyone else for permission to validate it

When I got validation

Was when I felt myself still wanting

Wanting to stop wanting.

Because the only Yes that mattered

Was mine

Even when I didn’t know it.

But the only Yes I didn’t trust

Was mine

Even though I didn’t believe it.

I’m sorry, my love.

I’ve always heard you but couldn’t listen

But you didn’t stop talking

Even when I doubted you.

Especially when I doubted you

You didn’t stop talking.

Since then, walls grew between us

Your words are muffled

But you never stopped talking.

Thank you for waiting for me.

What would you like to say?

What would you like to say?

I can’t understand through these walls.

But I would like to try.

You’ve waited so long

I can wait a while longer.

Our answers

Are worth waiting for

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