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“Dream Job” Myth, Fear & Defining Success with Angie Wang

As the clock struck midnight when she turned 30, Angie realized not only did she not like her job, but she was blaming her “entrapment” on external circumstances like society and family. She decided “no more excuses,” let go of her chains, and set off to define her own calling.

As she went from tech -> fitness -> podcasting -> life coaching, each time she discovered new things about herself that continue to provoke curiosity and propel her down this amazing life path she carved.

You’ll learn about fears around judgment and imposter syndrome, how guilt plays a role in our choice of work, how to test-drive with your “dream life” in small steps without blowing it up, limiting beliefs around money and work as a digital nomad and as an immigrant in the US, and more.

Topics Explored

  • Fears around judgment and imposter syndrome.
  • How guilt plays a role in our choice of work.
  • How to deal with the different “parts” of us that make up our Internal Family System.
  • Why chasing a “dream life” often leads to disillusionment, and how to do it in a more experimental way via the Odyssey Journey method.
  • Why this “dream” can be an illusion.
  • Limiting beliefs around money, family, and work – and how that changes when you’re a digital nomad vs being an immigrant in the US.
  • Our surprising realizations of what “success” had meant to us.
  • How parental modeling shapes our beliefs.
  • Dealing with conflicting beliefs about the corporate ladder.
  • Masculine vs Feminine traits in work & life.
  • Harmonizing money/results/functional needs with family/experience/nourishment/emotional needs.
  • On being honest at 2 levels (with others + with YOURSELF).

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