My name is Lucy.

I lift.

I code.


I’m really into cats.

At some point, I graduated with bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Psychology, then got my Pn1 Nutrition Coaching certification. Now I live as a software engineer/health coach by trade and an armchair psychologist by whim. Officially, I’m Co-founder and CTO of Viva – AI Health Coach with Empathy – the perfect combination of all my loves: AI, bots, fitness, nutrition, psychology … okay, maybe not cats, but some day I’ll figure out how to integrate that as well.

I’m an extrovert on the internet and an introvert in real life. Regardless, once you lock me in a room (usually coffee shop) with folks sharing mutual passions, I can geek out with them over shared goals for hours. I like to collect and exchange war cries with my fellow spirit animals. I also make shameless use of metaphors.

When I’m not people-watching, I’m self-experimenting. As a self-improvement junkie, I self-track anything that can be represented as a number and binge-read everything related to fitness, technology, and psychology. As an aspiring impostor whisperer, I’m in a chronic love-hate relationship with my comfort zone. For every subject I feel I’ve mastered, I pick up something new and uncomfortable, so that at any given moment, I’m equal parts expert and newbie at what I do. I’m serious when I need to be but still manage to find humor in all the right wrong justified places.

I love learning, experimentation, and data. I secretly think of myself as a modern-day mad scientist (guess the secret’s out now). I experiment with whatever can be quantified: health, habits, learning, productivity, relationships, emotional states, and some bodily functions that may or may not border on TMI. Don’t judge.

I’m not a big fan of the words “success” and “failure,” because of the connotations they carry nowadays. To me, both are pieces of feedback, and how you use that feedback is what really matters. Incorporating feedback with iterative programming + consistency drive progress. I’m fascinated by technology, health science, and motivational psychology and believe there’s a sweet-spot combination of the three we can use to achieve expand our optimum potential. FYI, when robots revolt and take over the world, I will most certainly join their ranks as a cyborg. No really, don’t judge.

This is simply a personal website where I talk about simply personal things. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯