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Because when has “Just be more confident” ever gotten you that promotion?

My name’s Lucy Liang.

I’m an ex-Microsoft Engineer who somehow now runs a health & fitness business. Outside of work, I’m a sometimes-armchair, sometimes-actual traveler with an obssession for exploring different cultures & languages (life goal: speak 5+ languages).

I also love getting swole.

You can probably tell by now that I’m one of those self-improvement junkies. But most days I actually have quite a love-hate relationship with some of the best lessons out there.

Why? Not because they aren’t valuable…

But because:

(1) We’re almost never told what to realistically expect along the way to even know if we’re on the right track or completely off the mark.

(2) Some of the best lessons are delivered in a completely non-actionable way.

“Be more confident,” “Listen to your body,” “Fake it till you make it.”

When you hear these, do you think “Wow, what life-changing advice,” or do you think “I know this already?”

The truth is neither of these responses do the student nor teacher any justice.

Advice isn’t life-changing if it doesn’t tell you how to actually do something, and if you don’t actually do something, then you don’t “know it already.”

Here’s a secret…

There’s really nothing new out there today that hasn’t already been discovered.

A lesson can be taught in 100 different ways to the same person before it finally sinks in on the 101st iteration from a single change in wording, context, or timing.

That “Aha” moment happens when we finally meet someone who communicates to us in our own language or happens to be on the exact same journey as us at the exact same moment.

That’s why I’m not going to pretend to give new lessons. And if you’re looking for inspirational quotes, this isn’t the blog for you either.

I’m here to communicate existing lessons in clear & simple language by sharing exactly what I’m learning as I trial-and-error my way through life using lessons that I’ve learned and applied.

In other words, I want to make existing lessons out there relatable & actionable, to bridge the gap between logically knowing something and actually internalizing it so that you can practice it on a consistent basis.

Because when has “Just be more confident” ever gotten you that promotion?

If my writing resonates with you, then I’ve successfully spoken your language. Yay.

But if it doesn’t, then perhaps we don’t really speak the same language, or at least not right now. And that’s cool too.

For instance, I love examples & analogies. I learn by modeling. I like hearing about concrete stuff that happens to people when they try X, Y, and Z. And I believe if you squint hard enough, almost any insight can be applied across multiple areas of life.

If that’s you too, we’ll get along great.

Finally, I’m serious when I need to be but still manage to find light & humor in all the right wrong justified places.

So don’t hesitate to reach out.