Making sense of things while having fun



I’m Lucy, a recovering achievement-junkie & people-pleaser – now on a mission to help other high-achievers and people-pleasers make sense of themselves, re-connect with their own inner guru, and live life with more ease & alignment. 😁

(You can read more about my burnout story here.)

As a compulsive life-lessons extractor, I love discovering how learnings from any experience can be applied to all areas of life.

And while I’m an ecstatic reader, my best teachers are not books, but the conversations I have with myself, other humans, my work, and life experiences.

I also believe that being the person you desire to be and building your dream life doesn’t have to feel “hard” and my dream is for everyone to be their own Inner Guru.

Current questions I’m exploring: self-discovery & how people decide what they REALLY want, motivation, belief-formation, self-esteem, self-sabotage, personal identity, and how thoughts & emotions play a role in all of this.

Learn & explore with me?