How Long Does It Actually Take To Get A Flat Stomach

Richa and I noticed that many of our clients and email subscribers ask us things like “How long should I expect to get a flat stomach?” and while there are a lot of resources online about how to lose weight in general, no one seems to want to give a definitive numerical answer.

And for good reason too, which we’ll elaborate on in the video.

So that’s why we made this video, to give people a way to calculate the minimum number of weeks it’ll take to get a flat stomach in a healthy and sustainable manner.

We also include the Top 3 Factors you’ll need to consistently nail to get to a flat stomach in the minimum time.

We look at :
• Which numbers matter to get you to that flat stomach.
• Calculate the weight at which you’ll have a flat stomach.
• Calculate the minimum number of weeks to your goal weight.
• HOW to actually get a flat stomach in the minimum number of weeks you just calculated.

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